Direct trading

Make a SEPA transfer from your bank account and have the IOTA tokens paid directly to your IOTA wallet and vice versa. Buy and sell IOTA in a single step - fast and reliable.

Low costs

No fees hidden in the price or spread and no deposit or withdrawal costs. A single transaction fee at the actual real-time market price.

Regulated environment

Buy and sell IOTA in a regulated environment, provided by a Swiss company. Safe direct trade and no conflicts with the legislator and tax authorities.

Buy IOTA in 3 steps

  1. Connect bank account and IOTA Wallet
    For your first purchase, you must first create a connection between your IOTA Wallet and your bank account.
  2. Make a SEPA bank transfer
    Transfer the desired amount in Euro or set up a standing order - we will convert your amount into IOTA upon receipt of payment.
  3. IOTA payout on your wallet
    The IOTA Tokens will be exchanged into Euros at the current market price immediately after receipt of payment: Afterwards, they will be transferred directly to your IOTA Wallet.

Sell IOTA in 2 steps

  1. Create sell order
    Select the desired bank account for payment of the IOTA Tokens and create the sales order.
  2. Send IOTA and receive Euro
    Send the desired amount to IOTA to the IOTA address generated together with the sales order and receive euros paid directly to your bank account.